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Turkey - Hotel

A few impressions of our hotel. The complex was truly magical, a beautiful garden was around our room facilities. It extended to the sea, there were several restaurants, pool areas, playing fields, an amphitheater. But in February the garden was not overflowing, we had everything for us. Apart from the footballers, who regularly ran on the hotel's own jogging track, they met no soul during the day and in the evening. Incidentally, the two buildings belong to the neighboring hotel complex, which we were allowed to share. In the evening you could generally decide where to eat.

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Turkey - Water, Sea & Wind

Unfortunately, I fell ill at short notice. After Mr. T. dragged a persistent flu into the apartment, could do for a week completely nothing - and he is otherwise a very strong man - I am now the turn. Ouch. Ouch. Hust. Snort snort. Can hardly sleep because of shortness of breath, so I play at night or edit photos. Good for you, here are the next pictures of our holiday. A little more from the harbor, a skeptical Mr. T, water, waves, glittering stones.

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Turkey - Antalya

For my readers a few pictures from the port of Antalya. The wonderful view of the harbor we enjoyed on a wonderful terrace of a restaurant. You climbed a few steps up the cliffs to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the cool shade. The food in the restaurant was also terrific. You can also see in the pictures that the whole city is built on the steep coast. The sea is always a bit far, one of the few descents to the water is the harbor. In the next few days I will work on some pictures - including the city, the hotel and my husband on the beach. So dear readers, be prepared for a true Turkish flood of images;)

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