Turkey - Port and Weather

On the first of the month a new post, a new picture push. From me for you. Incidentally, the weather in Turkey was everything. From turbulent windy at the beginning, unbearably summery hot in a forty-degree bus in the middle of the week in February - and the last three days frosty cold storm. So bad storm that we thought all the rainwater is running into our hotel room and the planes would not start the next morning. So cold that you spent half the day in the indoor pool and booked massages. Balinese massage I can highly recommend, especially if you are sensitive to pain, they are bearable. Mr T. tried a fitness massage that nearly killed the pain - he booked another soothing one for the next day, after he returned to the hotel room with his face still in pain. By the way, these pictures from Antalya were created on the ultra hot day. It had really summery temperatures, no jacket with it, and gasped when you went down the many steps in the harbor of the old town.