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Leipzig - Easter

My Easter was nice. I spent my time with Mr. T., this year we did not drive up north to our families, but were traveling in and around Leipzig. Through work and my university, we preferred to stay at home. My parents came over for a moment, brought me orange tulips and also made me smile. At Easter I got sweet things, that makes me happy anyway. And on Easter Sunday, we drove through the countryside as we did on a Sunday, and looked at cities, culture, and castles. I love that. Well, wonderful days that make me shine. The next few weeks you will get to see two more shoots and pictures of Schloss Waldenburg and the Altes Museum in Berlin. What would you first welcome?

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Portraits of myself

For a change, a few pictures of me. They were made the same day as Nastya's photographs. It was a bit different to stand in front of the camera and listen to and obey instructions. It was a lot of fun, especially in the pictures I like the resulting blur with which I deal with myself in almost all my last pictures. In addition, I finally have more recent pictures of me. I'm rather the girl for the background ... How do you like the pictures? I look forward to your opinions. All the best and have a restful day, your Maria.

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Portraits of Nastja

That's Nastia. She herself is a passionate photographer and very art enthusiastic student, but this afternoon, photos of her were first made and persuaded. The pictures should turn red, we even found a red-flowering tree in the Clara Park in Leipzig, where the pictures were taken. She is really magical and very nice - the weather was great - we had fun. An all-round successful afternoon. I hope the pictures please. Have a look on her blog, she is very talented herself, I think.

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