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Usedom on film

A few impressions of my holiday on Usedom for you. I was there in March with my parents for a long weekend. Heringsdorf and its beach are absolutely beautiful, even in a storm. The island has something for everyone. I took couple photos of my still very in love parents and just enjoyed the few days of sea air. I can not Northern German nature without my water.

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Portraits of myself

For a change, a few pictures of me. They were made the same day as Nastya's photographs. It was a bit different to stand in front of the camera and listen to and obey instructions. It was a lot of fun, especially in the pictures I like the resulting blur with which I deal with myself in almost all my last pictures. In addition, I finally have more recent pictures of me. I'm rather the girl for the background ... How do you like the pictures? I look forward to your opinions. All the best and have a restful day, your Maria.

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Portraits of Nastja

That's Nastia. She herself is a passionate photographer and very art enthusiastic student, but this afternoon, photos of her were first made and persuaded. The pictures should turn red, we even found a red-flowering tree in the Clara Park in Leipzig, where the pictures were taken. She is really magical and very nice - the weather was great - we had fun. An all-round successful afternoon. I hope the pictures please. Have a look on her blog, she is very talented herself, I think.

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