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On the Easter weekend I was in Weilburg for a few hours. The town is situated on a mountain surrounded by a steep rock face and water in a valley. On top of the mountain sits a great Renaissance and Baroque complex. It is completely preserved and inside the premises are to be visited with complete furniture. Especially recommended is a guided tour of the many wings of the castle, there are real treasures and an orangery with deceptively painted wall tiles and very beautiful Renaissance murals. The facility is located in the middle of the city very nice. Also recommended is the visit to the Mining Museum and City Museum opposite. They have many old first editions and in the Mining Museum, a great deceptively real tunnel has been created underground, which leaves one astonished.

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Waldenburg Palace

Here are some impressions from Schloss Waldenburg. This is a beautiful romantic castle near Chemnitz, near Altenburg. A small town with a stately home on a mountain. The castle was once very magnificent, but time has left the first traces here - although the construction was re-equipped in the early 20th century.

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