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Leipzig - Old Town Hall & station

This imposing building is also located in Leipzig. The castle-like, renaissaisanceähnliche building is called the New Town Hall and is in fact from the year 1905, so historicist. Nevertheless, a beautiful building with lots of details. The towering tower is also a focal point in the city center. The other two pictures show the powerful facade of the Leipzig main station from 1915. It is really huge and big, but the halls and many tracks speak for themselves. I really recommend every tourist to look at the central station from the inside. There are beautiful old halls, a big shopping center on the lower floors and you really have a special old flair in the building.

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Leipzig - Buildings of the Old Town

Leipzig's city center is just beautiful. I am approached almost daily by tourists, where this or that is to be found. Especially beautiful is the architecture of the houses, merged with many modern houses next door. Hardly any other city has restored its buildings of the turn of the century and earlier as beautifully as Leipzig.

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Waldenburg Palace

Here are some impressions from Schloss Waldenburg. This is a beautiful romantic castle near Chemnitz, near Altenburg. A small town with a stately home on a mountain. The castle was once very magnificent, but time has left the first traces here - although the construction was re-equipped in the early 20th century.

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