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Leipzig - Augustusplatz

I have decided to introduce you to my city of Leipzig, where I am studying. I've noticed that I've lived here for three years now and have never photographed the sights. This is Leipzig so worth seeing. The Völkerschlachtdenkmal has already made it to the blog, but there are many other great buildings, museums, things with history are preserved, little insider tips that I want to show you yet.

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During many years starting when I was a child I spent my summers in Denmark. We always use to rent vacation houses close to the sea with befriended families - close to the sea, small towns, being in nature and able to play in the dunes made my childhood a very happy one. Denmark is also the place where I started to first take photos. Here are some impressions of Nykobing, Langelland and other places. Denmark and its villages, countryside, people and towns are places I feel comfortable and familiar with. The sky is wide and high and the air is salty.

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