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Island of Djerba - Houmt Souk

When I visited Tunisia, I made a trip to the city of Houmt Souk to the Grand Bazaar. It is worth seeing and contemplative there. Of course there is a lot of market activity, but it was fascinating. I bought two gold rings and an embroidered silk scarf. Overall a very successful afternoon. I have found that I can act and discuss quite well, at least I got a salt rose from the Sahara given and my things much cheaper than my fellow travelers ...

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Usedom on film III - Achterwasser

Me and my family made a short break on Usedom in March. It was pure enjoyment again on the sea, up north, feeling the sea and the wind. I'm just a sea kid and going crazy in cities without my green and my nature and without my water nearby. A few impressions from the small village Ückeritz, which is located directly on the Bodden Achterwasser. It was late afternoon and the sky was starting to turn white, the wind was stroking the reeds and I was glad to be there. In nature, outdoors.

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