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I drove with my boyfriend to the small city of Quedlinburg. It is one of the most famous old towns in Germany with a center from the middle ages, surrounded by hills and still a lively city. I always dreamed about moving there, living in a small house in the old town, having a small photo store and shop in one of the houses. It is a dreamy city, inhabited by many artists, creatives and inspirational people.

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Usedom on film

A few impressions of my holiday on Usedom for you. I was there in March with my parents for a long weekend. Heringsdorf and its beach are absolutely beautiful, even in a storm. The island has something for everyone. I took couple photos of my still very in love parents and just enjoyed the few days of sea air. I can not Northern German nature without my water.

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Usedom on film III - Achterwasser

Me and my family made a short break on Usedom in March. It was pure enjoyment again on the sea, up north, feeling the sea and the wind. I'm just a sea kid and going crazy in cities without my green and my nature and without my water nearby. A few impressions from the small village Ückeritz, which is located directly on the Bodden Achterwasser. It was late afternoon and the sky was starting to turn white, the wind was stroking the reeds and I was glad to be there. In nature, outdoors.

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