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Limburg an der Lahn

In the middle of April I spent an afternoon in Limburg an der Lahn. The city is very small, it seems everyone knows everyone. A few historic streets have been preserved and I really liked this romantic old town. These are very small historic streets where in the evening the restaurants, taverns and bars are open, during the day many small shops and boutiques let the people rummage and the small places and houses that have been renovated and where you live instead of letting them expire , Scenic, the region around the city is just beautiful. You drive one hour from Wetzlar, my current place of work by train to Limburg. The route runs through meadows, fields, always along the river Lahn along the picturesque waterfront and you even pass some tunnels. The landscape with many valleys, valleys, hills fascinates me. The half-timbered houses in this region as well as the church buildings are often painted very colorful and there are other forms of decoration to recognize. Limburg is definitely worth an afternoon to explore ...

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Leipzig - Augustusplatz

I have decided to introduce you to my city of Leipzig, where I am studying. I've noticed that I've lived here for three years now and have never photographed the sights. This is Leipzig so worth seeing. The Völkerschlachtdenkmal has already made it to the blog, but there are many other great buildings, museums, things with history are preserved, little insider tips that I want to show you yet.

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