South Korea - The winter palace of Gyeongbukgong

A few more impressions of the palace complex. Once the winter residence of light wood, which I really liked. She looked rustic and yet elegant. A nice combination especially with the snow when we visited the houses. The other pictures show a pagoda on a lake, to which only a narrow bridge leads. This pagoda is entered only once a year at a ceremony. In the lake, a queen once drowned, my sister told me and therefore he will not enter anymore. It is rumored that the ghost of the deceased queen is still wandering about. The last picture shows a huge pagoda on the edge of the palace complex. Below her is the National Folk Museum of Korea, which I highly recommend. It was a well-made museum with interesting permanent exhibits on the folk history of Korea and very well staged. If you are interested in the culture of the country, I especially recommend it. I loved it.