South Korea - Seoul III

My sister is fortunate enough to live in what is currently the hottest neighborhood in Seoul. It is called Hongdae is the absolute meeting place among the hipsters and young people. Hongdae is special because not all the very tall skyscrapers have made their entrance on the other side of the river like in Gangnam. There are still low buildings, winding old streets and hidden things. There are really totally creative shops everywhere like in Berlin and absolute restaurant secret tips. But from the beginning. As already mentioned, I drove with my sister in the morning from the airport and shortly thereafter we took the subway and got out in Hongdae. The first time I saw an Asian big city.

The surprising thing: there were not so many cars, and there were hardly any people on the street. I had always thought, especially in Seoul with its more than nine million inhabitants, you push back and forth because it is so tight. But the streets are just as full as in big European cities. Only very clean and it is very important to safety, especially in public buildings and transport. My sister Anna lives in a small house in the middle of Seoul with only three floors in a quiet side street. There was always something going on around us in the hipster district as we called it. There are restaurants everywhere, ranging from food stalls, Japanese restaurants, countless cafes and teahouses, and you are surrounded by many small shops selling clothing and accessories at unbelievably low prices. Mind you all incredibly fashionable, according to the latest trends, etc. By the way, I emphasize that I have met in my entire stay no poorly dressed people. It is very noticeable that a different focus is placed on appearance and appearance. Nobody is unfashionable, women do not go out of the house without make-up etc. And even all men look like they have jumped out of a fashion catalog. The entire older audience is always very spruced. I had to get used to that a bit.

Anyway, right on the first day, I wanted to do lots of jet-lag without any jetlag on all those great things. It was so bad that until the last day I could not decide what to buy. So many small shops, so great deals on jewelry, coats, tops, decoration, stationery and great designed items. It was bad for me absolute bargain hunter. I was so excited. There in the narrow streets of the side streets you could discover something new every day, the shops and cafes came and went, every night we were eating somewhere else, because it is so incredibly cheap. I really liked Hongdae and would recommend this neighborhood to anyone. It is small and cuddly and animated in the evening and you will find something that pleases you everywhere. For example, we found the Hello Kitty Cafe. Anyway, my sister and I found it hilarious to go into this little castle-like village, to order HelloKitty hot chocolate (by the way, the best hot chocolate I have drunk in my whole life, I will never forget them) and throw us away laughing. Koreans love kitsch. It has been noticed very often.