South Korea - Seoul

This royal district of Seoul is home to many royal palaces. And yet, you immediately noticed that this neighborhood is much more densely populated than the others I've been to. On the glittering high skyscraper facades alone, one can very well recognize this. It is a business and tourist district but also with a lot of companies. The streets were full. Here I experienced the first real crowding, even at noon. In Seoul, it is only full at rush hour - and in the evening, when you live in the hipster district like we did. You spend little time at home, it is a very different way of life. At home receiving friends is very atypical, you always meet for dinner or in a café. There is enough of that in Seoul. Anna and I discovered a great cafe on the third floor of a building. Around us the most turbulent shopping street of my life. And we went up the stairs and it was the cosiest smallest natural cafe I've ever discovered. Even the dishes made of stoneware or with a cartilaginously beautiful wooden spoon and breathtakingly great ceramics. Fairy lights, fountains, many green plants, comfortable couches - it felt like on vacation. That was a contrast again. Such a Cozy Café and modernity among us. Exactly as you can see in the last pictures: In the foreground the palace yard with the wooden big entrance gate, which my sister and I visited the day - and in the background the rigid skyscraper facades made of metal