South Korea - Incheon

Over Christmas and New Year's Eve, my twin sister visited Seoul, studying Korean and Asian Studies and living in Korea for a year. So it was with her in two weeks adventure and discovering a foreign culture for me. I was so glad to finally hug her after a few months. Of course, you often talk on the phone, but it's something completely different, then babbling for hours in real life.

When I arrived in Korea after a very pleasant night flight with Finair, a highly recommended airline, it was just nine in the morning. The airport is located on its own island off Seoul and to say the least, just great. Alone the arrival hall is so huge, it seemed like two kilometers to my sister. And there's a subway from terminal to terminal, because otherwise you would not be able to get to the plane on time with the normal escalators. There is also a cinema, several stages, a skating rink in the building, numerous shopping malls - and this is just the part that is open to the public.

Anyway, I was already so excited about the airport and the coast that I had to take some pictures. Immediately one is addressed as a European woman with white skin also by little schoolgirls, which I found very amusing. They did a survey of where I come from and what I want in Korea for their school. And unfortunately no English, but my sister helped out and because they found us so pretty, we were taken pictures. So nice. Also on the plane, I found it absolutely amiable, as my Korean neighbor next door gave me a push for the feet and said that they are much more comfortable on a long-haul flight than having to start the shoes or sit in socks. Just one example of the friendliness and pleasant stay I had in Korea.

If you want to get out of the airport and go to Seoul, take the train for about an hour. And from the island down over huge bridges. It was a very foggy morning just before Christmas and partly snowy and the water was a little frozen on the banks. In general, I have to say right away that the winter is just horribly cold there. After a while you get used to it.