South Korea - Gyeongbokgung Palace

Now I come to a small gem of my journey. Already in the first week I visited with my sister one of the five city palaces of Seoul. Here you can see Geyongbuk Palace, an amazingly beautiful 19th century palace. I was blown away. Absolutely thrilled how the Koreans received these wooden buildings and the complex. Culture is very important there and is taken seriously and liberated. I saw magnificent paintings, nested courtyards and rooms, all beautifully preserved and painted. My sister tried to explain everything to me. Similar to China, the palaces were a separate, isolated city with a portion for the king and his wives. It is also typical for Korean palaces that there is always a lake and several ceremonial halls and a throne room. I remember that I was absolutely happy all the time despite the slippery floor. Basically, this palace consists of a large main gate, then comes a large courtyard with a large gate and then there is still a court yard with the building with the throne room. From there you can go to the parks and to the apartment buildings.