Cospudener See

In the pictures of today's blog post you can see one of the few locks I really hang on. One that belongs to my heart from now on. A sleeping pearl in Saxony. One, it seems, for decades forgotten gem. The "forgotten" Hubertusburg Castle in the beautiful Wermsdorf.

When I saw it for the first time, I had to hold back my tears. Anyone who knows me knows that I love castles. Yes, I am almost fanatical about her. With my young twenty-one years I have certainly visited well over thirty and enjoyed. I love Schwerin, Ludwigslust, the castles of my homeland - also have a big weakness for the castles of Baden-Württemberg. But now I have finally found a castle in Saxony, my new home, where I feel very bound. When it appeared on the horizon as we entered the grounds through the fields and lakes, my breath caught in the face of its size. It is baroque, big, magnificent. Hubertusburg towers over the old Linden, towering high on a very small hill. And when I stood in this huge court of honor and looked at the magnificent four-wing complex, I had fallen in love.

These are a few shots from May. Where it got so wonderfully warm for the first time and I drove with my husband and some friends for the first time in a year to Cospudener See. To lie around there, to relax, just let your mind wander and talk again in detail. The day turned gray at the end and they put on a jacket - but it was a very relaxing afternoon and early evening. In the pictures you can see Sarah, Marion and Tom. And even I'm shortly after that - it comes out when girlfriends steal the camera :)

About Pentecost I'm in the north, back home. On tuesday I am good at the university again, after I celebrated the weekend. And in less than two weeks I will go to Sweden. The first time there, on an island in Stockholm for two weeks - I'm so excited. Does anyone have any tips on what you should and should have seen in Sweden and especially Stockholm?