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Island of Djerba - Houmt Souk

When I visited Tunisia, I made a trip to the city of Houmt Souk to the Grand Bazaar. It is worth seeing and contemplative there. Of course there is a lot of market activity, but it was fascinating. I bought two gold rings and an embroidered silk scarf. Overall a very successful afternoon. I have found that I can act and discuss quite well, at least I got a salt rose from the Sahara given and my things much cheaper than my fellow travelers ...

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I drove with my boyfriend to the small city of Quedlinburg. It is one of the most famous old towns in Germany with a center from the middle ages, surrounded by hills and still a lively city. I always dreamed about moving there, living in a small house in the old town, having a small photo store and shop in one of the houses. It is a dreamy city, inhabited by many artists, creatives and inspirational people.

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Usedom on film

A few impressions of my holiday on Usedom for you. I was there in March with my parents for a long weekend. Heringsdorf and its beach are absolutely beautiful, even in a storm. The island has something for everyone. I took couple photos of my still very in love parents and just enjoyed the few days of sea air. I can not Northern German nature without my water.

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