Austria - Wild Park

From the hotel in the second week I would rather not say anything. We were only one week in Styria and in the second week we went to Tyrol, in a place called Kirchberg. Another village was already Kitzbühel, and unfortunately I really do not know what is so special about it. Maybe everything is a little bigger there, but more exclusive certainly not. Anyway, we decided not to compare the great food and the good accommodation of the first week with the second week and wanted to make the best out of it. Say: Just ignore this shack without daylight in the corridors and spend as little time as possible there. Therefore, the next morning after the arrival day we went a few kilometers into the mountains to a game park. Or rather to the mountain. Because, as you can see in the following photos, the game park is on top of a mountain, so that was 1,200 meters already ...

There were primarily animals. But other bizarre creatures, such as hyperactive teenagers, were stalking around in the middle of everything. The special thing about the wildlife park was that you always walked right through the animals. Not necessarily through the monkey house or anything, but you went through the middle of the area of deer, donkeys and goats, for example. And such an Italian child always ran right through the deer's heads with their sixteen-pointers. Tame animals were the ^^ Some adults were more aggressive than some animals. For example, I saw a donkey grabbing in the middle of the sidewalk and then slept peacefully for half an hour, surrounded by Italian extended families, photographed, petted or pissed all the time. The volume and footsteps around him did not bother him at all. Somewhat a pity, if you are always angegetatscht and you just allow it sometime.

Nevertheless, the visit was interesting there. And I think I could take some pretty pictures. The bunnies I found the most utterly. Even a cleaning I've caught, he was just cleaning his ears.