Austria - Wandering in a Klamm

We were in a really unique place. We traveled in a gorge. This is a kind of gorge. In this case, a gorge with incredibly loud roaring waterfalls that plunge steeply into the depths and later become a small torrent. In this gorge you could climb on steep stairs and rock paths to the very top. It is really beautiful there. And pure nature.

Once at the top, we came to a kind of cauldron, a high plateau surrounded by the Alps from three to four sides. Isolated nature, rocky climbs, dry or raging riverbeds, groves. And at the top of this cauldron was a hiker's hut, a small pasture. There you could rest. And to be honest, eating in this completely isolated Austrian world was the best thing I've ever had the privilege of eating in this whole week. The ingredients for the food is transported up via a mini rope gondola, over 120 meters in altitude. That does not sound like much, but it's about two or three kilometers away.

And on this alp they do everything themselves. Everything. The food was sooo delicious. There was homemade ice cream, many homemade cakes and pies, hot "delicacies" and many kinds of fresh milk! The best after a strenuous hike anyway is a large glass of freshly-baked Almmich! There is nothing better . And the lunch we had was just terrific. However, when one climbed back into the gorge and looked down, one got a bit queasy again. You could see what you had climbed up to. Back in the valley we drove to the next gondola lift and up. I also have some nice pictures from there for you. My boyfriend was still summer tobogganing on a really steep track and I and my sister watched him from the cabins. Overall, a nice exhausting day.