Austria - The last day and goodbye

Anyone who wonders what I'm writing now, I think I have to explain a lot. When we woke up the next morning, we did not really want to go up a mountain at all (for flatlanders, one and a half weeks in the mountains are enough to get home). We just wanted to take a look at a neighboring town called Brixxen. Everyone in our hotel had raved about Brixxen, that it was so beautiful and so great and lovely. Uh, when we were there and led the entire main road through the village, which was more elongated than idyllic, small or cute, we wondered if we also meant the same place. And the railway tracks also led through the village. Pass the cemetery. Anyway, the only thing worth mentioning in this village is this mega-sized, extremely pastel-colored church. I took some pictures for you. When we turned our backs on this pink-and-gold splendor, which reminded me very much of Ludwig II, it was still time for an alpine pasture. In sandals and flip-flops, of course. In our defense: In the prospectus stood, up there would be a mega-sized barefoot path. We started up what was: gravel. Uh. And megaviele cows. And there was a lake, a small lake to circle around, with many little screaming and playing children around it, because they had set up an adventure playground for children around the lake. The barefoot path was about, er, 20 meters. And wheelchair and pram should indeed be the whole area ... Uh, yes, around the lake, who wanted to go further than five minutes - then it stopped with the ease. It was more likely to be overridden by downhill mountain bikers. So we ran a little further up and when we saw the next alpine hut, we saved ourselves behind the fence on benches. We ate Gröstl. This is nothing but fried potatoes in a small cast iron pan with ham and fried eggs on it. And so tasty. And the cowshed was also not far away, as I have seen on this holiday one of two attractive men ... Unfortunately, the man was ten years old - but it really is like this: The women in Austria are mega-pretty and all men have somehow get nothing from it .... I had to say now. ^^ Incidentally, I found the cooling of the drinks more than mature and original. The bottles were simply put in the cow potions. ^^