Austria - Salzburg

In order to escape the onset of hustle and bustle, which breaks out when you go on holiday with your own family, my friend suggested me - to bring back a little romance - a trip to Salzburg. Of course, my twin sister Anna was allowed to come along. Of course, one day only for young people had something and I was really looking forward to this city. You can hear a lot about Salzburg being so great and beautiful.

I must say the city is old and medieval, but very much a tourist attraction. And it makes you feel a little like Italy, where pedestrians are worth nothing if big vans push through these narrow inner-city streets and mercilessly continue, even if mothers with babies first have to bring the children's carts to safety. It is a city made of stone houses, and that is probably the sensation in this place in Austria. As in Austria almost everything consists only of wood and plaster and one has hardly any stylistic differences regional. Everyone owns a home here, with small windows, wooden balcony and garden. And Salzburg does not have all that. Namely only very normal old buildings and a few not so well maintained castles (if you take out the castle at the Mozarthaus). Since I have to say, in Leipzig we have much prettier Gründerzeitvillen and the house in which I will live, has a larger onion dome than there any castle. At Salzburg I can not find anything and their old buildings would need a coat again ^ ^

And it's teeming with Asians, that's the Oberhammer. Never seen so many cameras and Japanese at one go. What you have to pay attention to in Salzburg: There is no parking space. You can leave the highway with your car and use Park & Ride. Even the residents have to do within the week, so that the masses of tourists come through the city center. Of course, this is especially bad for shops, they do not get any goods the whole week, only on weekends the city is passable with permission. I still think that I took some nice shots. What do you think? I only think, once Salzburg and never again.