Austria - The Village "Dorf"

On the third day in Austria we all needed a little rest. It went to the swimming pool in the next town. The weather was already a bit fresh, barely the sun came out. The pool was thank good both outside and inside. We had a lot of fun for several hours, relaxing our tired legs and the rest of our muscles. On the evening after the many courses of the supper I and my sister went for a short walk through the village where we live.

It is pretty quiet here, everything is very small, very cute. Lots of wood, under each window a flower tub. Colored windows, only small hotels and guesthouses, no mass processing. Our hosts are really very friendly people, the breakfast is delicious, every evening there is a four course menu. The food here is really very good.

What do you think of the houses? I find them really cozy and quaint. Incidentally, the place where we are this week is called "Haus" and is located in Styria. At night, no car drives here, we have a small, loud stream from the mountains, which rushes noisily through the town. And an outdoor pool. If you go all the way up, about 40% uphill, you can also take a gondola to a mountain 1860 m high - see pictures yesterday.