Austria - The first day and walking uphill

Today we were in our place only on foot. And when I say: on foot, then walk properly. We were hiking, climbed a 1,860 m mountain and are now completely finished. It was very nice, the weather was great, but the hike was very exhausting.
It all started at noon with the gondola ride, a more comfortable way of climbing up the mountain. However, this was the smallest gondola yet to stand on about two square feet, which I have ever entered. Since then just about 8 to 14 men were stuffed in, plus children or their massive heavy prams. Why you with such small children up to this pasture, where there were really only real hiking trails, I still do not know. At the top we parted. My family and I climbed around the mountain on the so-called Sheep's Path, while my friend counted among the summiteers and scrambled up.

I was able to capture really nice things. The flora up there is really nice, the view anyway. And the many small details made the hike so beautiful. However, she was also exhausting.
When we were all gathered again after several hours on the mountain pasture, everyone's feet hurt without exception. We have all run medium trails, actually we wanted to start slowly - alone, because medium actually means heavy. But who does not want to hear, must feel. And we all feel our feet. Back at the hotel we had coffee and cake for the first time, then maybe swim in the pool around the corner? We do not know yet. I still watch what the day brings.