Austria - Leaving for a holiday with family

Finally my vacation begins in Austria. This year I am going on holiday for the first time with my friend and my family is also there. For two weeks, it is now action or culture. The departure day already started at 6 o'clock in the morning in Leipzig. Together we drove with two cars to five. Me with my friend. The outward journey was very different, it ranged from a lot of rain (so that you could hardly recognize anything on the highway) to unbelievable heat. From very fast driving to the most viscous stop-and-go that you can imagine. About villages as well as about highways. And over national borders.

After some time the Alps finally appeared after Munich and my friend, who had not been in the mountains yet, was astonished. He was blown away by these mountain ranges, towering steeply on the horizon. We also passed some castles and after a few hours we finally reached the hotel. It is cozy here, a small village. The first thing we did was to dive into the opposite panoramic open-air pool immediately after lifting the suitcases and jump into the water. The view was awesome, the water perfect, all incredibly relaxing.