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Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions by my clients

What Kind of Shootings do you shoot?

I mainly shoot feminine portraits of women and boudoir. Furthermore I like to photograph couples, their love and their stories. I also shoot weddings, pregnancies, babies and families and animals. My other main focus in my photography is that I shoot related to art and culture Institutions and frequently blog about them and my travels. 

Where are you based? are you available to travel?

I am based between Berlin and Hamburg in Germany and travel frequently trough Europe. I am available for bookings worldwide. Please note that if you book a shooting with me, you will have to pay additionally for my travel costs and if necessary for accommodation.

What happens before a shooting?

When you contacted me, we will hopefully meet in person soon. It is important for me to get to know my clients. A cup of tea or coffee makes it much easier to talk about what you search for and expect from me. Together we can exchange ideas and make plans for the shooting . And you'll be more relaxed because you've seen me before. Do not be afraid to ask questions or to come up with a few ideas. You will see, I am a very nice and open person. If you are not able to see me personally before, we can also call or chat on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram or via Mail.

What about the location?

Natural backgrounds are very important to me. That is why I prefer to be outdoors and the natural light. When I photograph you, it will only be you and me and my camera. I do not need any additional equipment, assistants, reflectors or a studio with flash. It is important to me that we can find a nice place to take pictures and can concentrate on one another.

Can you give me some tips how I can prepare?



I recommend choosing clothes for the shoot in which you feel comfortable and which you want to see in pictures. As you have certainly seen in my photographs, my style is very bright, soft & pastel. I therefore recommend you light clothes. Dark or bright colors do not look good on my pictures. Besides, I love lace and natural materials - so you can inspire me. Do not forget the jewelery & accessories for your shoot for your outfit. The details are also important. A beautiful bracelet or earrings work wonders and are eye-catching.

Make Up

A natural-looking make-up and a harmonious hairstyle are very important. I very often do the styling and do the make-up myself. So far everyone was very happy with it.Important: Less is more. It is important for me to photograph you. Of course  a make-up artist / stylist can be booked, too. Your day is something special & you can be pampered in every way. Please note, however, that the make-up artist / stylist will claim additional costs and the price of it is not included in my shooting price. 

What is the process after the shooting?

After the shoot you will get an email with an invoice and pay it with normal transfer. I need your email for the customer gallery and your address for sending the products you ordered. As I take pictures on film, the film rolls are sent to a professional photo laboratory.

When Will I get access to my photos and products?

Usually my clients get access to their photos after 4 weeks. After receiving the films back from the film lab I make a client gallery for you. At least 20 images will be provided for you to download in the highest resolution.  In my other packages you can also get albums or a box with Fine Art Prints . Those products are usually finished after 1-2 months and will be sent to you.

What are the costs for a Shooting with you?


Pricing for 2019




  • Online Gallery

  • circa 20 photos

    175 €


  • Online Gallery

  • a small album made of linen with
    your favourite 20 images

  • ’circa 30 - 50 photos
    250 €



  • Online Gallery

  • a box made of linen or glass
    with fine art prints on high quality paper

  • circa 30 - 50 photos

    250 €


  • Online Gallery

  • a bigger and custom-designed album made of linen
    with your favourite photos

  • circa 50 photos

    375 €



Please contact me for further information and your individual arrangement.


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