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Maria Victoria Fine Art Photography stands for timeless elegance, feminine & soft images.

Maria-Victoria Fürst, the woman behind the brand, offers her professional skills in photography and volunteering in research projects worldwide.


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The Woman behind the lens

Maria-Victoria Fürst, born in 1992, is a fine art photographer, museum scientist and art & culture blogger based in Munich, Germany. With a background in Art History and a degree in Museum Science, she combines her professional education with the aesthetics of photography. Maria Victoria creates timeless images and has a soft and a feminine style in photography. As a cultural influencer and blogger, she is available for shootings, projects and collaborations worldwide.

Mainly she documents her travels all over the world in photos with a focus on cultural heritage, museums, art collections, galleries, palaces and historical cities. Maria loves also taking images of animals and portraits of people, such as feminine portraits of friends, boudoir, couple photos and also weddings.

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February - Hamburg, Germany
March - Munich, Germany
April - Konstanz, Germany
June - Ringkobing, Denmark

October- Seoul, South Korea


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