Maria Victoria



Maria-Victoria Fürst, born in 1992, is a fine art photographer, museum scientist and art & culture blogger based in Germany.

With a background in Art History and a degree in Museum Science, she combines her professional education with the aesthetics of photography. Maria Victoria creates timeless images and has a soft and a feminine style in photography. She specializes in female portraits, couple and weddings.

Additionally, she documents her travels all over the world in photos with a focus on cultural heritage, museums, art collections, galleries, palaces and historical cities.

As a freelancer, she is available for shootings, projects and collaborations worldwide.

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January - Prague, Czech Republic
February until June - Frankfurt, Germany
August & September - London, United Kingdom
October & November - Brussels, Belgium
December - Rügen, Germany

February - Budapest, Hungary
& Brighton, United Kingdom

April - Bozano, Italy
October- Seoul, South Korea


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